Uno studio dimostra l'efficacia di FORT UP ( ginseng americano e acetilcarnitina) nella fatigue dei pazienti oncologici

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 Use of panax quinquefolius and acetylcarnitine supplement (FORTUP®) against fatigue in cancer patients admitted to hospice palliative care

Bonucci M.(3); Dell’Arte S.(1); Spinelli G.(2); Siniscalchi A.(1)

(1) Department of Palliative Care Oncology - Villa Silvana Hospital – Aprilia – Rome;                             (2) Department of Oncology – ASL Aprilia – Rome; (3 ) Outpatient Service of Integrative Oncology – Nuova Villa Claudia Hospital  – Rome- ARTOI


For cancer patients fatigue is one of the most frequent and disabling symptoms. Fatigue is a mix of symptoms like muscle pain, mental cognitive dysfunction, neurological disorders that makes the patient completely inactive and into a state of complete abandonment. At this time not exist anything for treatment and today there is no a specific guideline; only a very few substances are able to alleviate this situation. In our study we’re used two scales of VAS  to better deeply understand the severity of symptoms. For treatment we used a supplement ( Fort up® - Gamfarma Italy) made with two active principles  , panax quinquefolius and acetilcarnitine , in 56 cancer patients admitted to hospice palliative care, administered for three weeks to assess the effect in medium to severe asthenia. Both active principles have demonstrated activity in clinical studies against cancer related fatigue with tonic and energizing action. At the end of study 46 out of 56 patients (82%) had an improvement of symptoms and in 18 patients (4 in low, 11 in medium and 3 in severe asthenia) (32%) these symptoms there resolved. The aim of this study was investigate the efficacy of this product on cancer related fatigue in patients admitted to hospital palliative care. Our study demonstrated that this product can relieve cancer related fatigue in this setting of cancer patients.